A:Real estate marketing consultant

  • Consultant service

It’s to improve the service for customers by solving the hot and difficult points in development aspects to meet their needs.

  • Marketing Planning

To provide political, market and customer analysis, strategic positioning, construction plan­ning, marketing planning, sales agents one-stop services in development of real estate.

  • Real estate marketing courses

YGSEEK company set up marketing plan­ning for professional real estate, advertising design and enterprise training to transport profession­als for the development of the industry.

B:Advertising integration and promotional services

Based on maximizing to meet customers’ demand, it’s to combine elements of frag­mented advertisement, ultimately forming a promotional system to the most valuable and the most efficient by combining.

  • Advertisment positioning

To create corporate and projects brand image by advertising strategy and field experi­ence, in order to obtain recognition of target consumers.

  • Graphic design

Including design of VI, sales materials, on-site packaging system, guiding system and me­dia sys­tem.

  • Advertisement making 1.Exhibition:Staging large-scale exhibition, exhibition attracting investment, booth design and construc­tion etc.2.Decoration:Interior decoration design, offices, homes, apartments, model room decora­tion etc.

C:We -media operation

We Media is a way to begin to understand how to provide and share their own facts and news after connecting via digital technology enhancement and the global knowledge sys­tem.

  • WeChat and Facebook operation

It contains an account apply and certification, marketing strategy, copywriting, activity recommendations etc.