Is Myanmar real estate market’s opportunity to create or to wait?

Is the opportunity of Myanmar real estate market good to be initialized positively or to be waited negatively?

Market opportunity refers to the demand that is not yet satisfied or not fully satisfied on the market.

After a long period of cold market, Myanmar real estate industry has a sharp decline in market turnover. The enterprise’s fund is also continuously shrinking andmany enterprises have to re-adjust their capital investment to ensure the normal operation of enterprises.

Facing the present dilemma, it seems as everyone is waiting for a market opportunity, waiting for the promulgation of “condominium law” to open the foreign markets, waiting for the policy adjustment to raise domestic demand, waiting for a hot market to promote the quick sale of the apartments!

But is the market really same as you think, when the opportunity comes, the customers will go and buy your apartments?

The answer is negative.

The customer’s from understanding of the project to accept and buy need a certain period of time, three months, half year or one year. Marketing is an important way to excavate the product value, to promote the customer to quick accept the project and to influence the purchase intention of customers. Marketing is also the ultimate means of company profit realization. Among all departments, marketing department is also the only place where earn the money. In the extremely strong market homogeneity product competition, the success or failure of the marketing often determines the success or failure of the whole company. When the market is cold, most companies are used to waiting for opportunities. They think that the market is bad and there is no need to do marketing, which ignores the importance of marketing.

Any market opportunity is always have timeliness, which will arise or disappear as the environment changes. Delay the mining and use of market opportunities, the opportunity benefit of the enterprise will be reduced or completely lost due to the first discover and application of other enterprise. Timeliness shows that enterprise should be good at seizing and timely taking advantage of relevant market opportunities to achieve maximum time benefit.

Face with the different market environment, should the company initiative create or passively wait for the opportunity?Myanmar’s real estate market experienced a hot market in 2013. But it is also created by a very small number of companies driven on the development of the real estate industry. But how many of the companies that have seized the opportunity in such a hot market?The company who accustomed to waiting for the opportunity, they wait for sell with high price when the opportunity comes, they wait for the rebound of the market when the market falls down and they wait for new market opportunities when the market is cold. Always waiting for……

In the face of different market environment, enterprises should adjust their strategies to deal with, instead of waiting blindly. Enterprises that are accustomed to creating opportunities will be prepared in any market environment and “do not fight unprepared battles” .Professional marketing promotion can not only promote the customers views and make a deal, moreover, it can improve the brand influence more quickly, and get double revenue from revenue and brand value. When the market is cold, unearth marketing opportunities and use to achieve the effect of more with less. When the market opportunities come, it can be quick to respond to the market, instead of waiting for policy support, market changes and other extraneous factors. Passive waiting can only look at the market opportunities slowly slip away from you.

In the market background of the competition of homogenized products and the cold market, how can real estate companies create market opportunities? YG·SEEK company- tailored marketing service just for you. Active deal with different market environment and promote long-term sustainable development of enterprises.

YGSEEK Company is a leading international provider in real estate and financial marketing solutions. The company possesses the most complete solution from consultant to full marketing agents, and it’s to meet the different needs of different vendors and customers as well as the pursuit of marketing innovation through a full range of market analysis, marketing strategy, sales, advertising integration and promotion and we-media operations to create a higher brand value and profit for the companies.

The company has a deep understanding in Myanmar markets through many years’ precipitation experiences, from national policy, local conditions, market, customer needs and customer resources to a marketing strategy, advertising, the media, printing and production. It owns the ability to quickly integrate resources to provide strong professional technical support for the real estate and financial companies.

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