Real estate marketing training courses

Myanmar’s first real estate marketing training began to recruit students



  • Purpose

With the development of economic reforms, Myanmar has become one of the world’s fastest-growing major economy entities. In the recent years, more and more foreign companies have arrived in Myanmar, but the lack of high-skilled talents failed to achieve the high demand requirement. In order to improve this situation, YGSEEK Company will organize the professional training of real estate marketing to strengthen the capabilities of the real estate industry, and make some contribution for the economic development as well.



  • Advantage
  1. YGSEEK is one of the most professional service providers in real estate and finance in Myanmar. Our lecturers have rich experience in Chinese real estate listed companies and familiar with the Myanmar market. We will offer the courses base on the integration of the international professional knowledge and Myanmar real estate market and practice it. It can be used in the work quickly.
  2. In the case of market fierce competition and government regulation, professional talent is the critical resources of the enterprise and the core to win the market.
  3. YGSEEK will issue the certification to the qualified students.
  4. Provide free consulting service (one time) if there are more than 5 applicants who come from the same company.


  • Course

A:Real estate marketing junior classes

  1. How to become a professional real estate marketing planner.
  2. How to do market research?
  3. Basic Terminology of Real Estate.
  4. Marketing Planning Workflow.
  5. Product Positioning(Market positioning, project positioning and so on)
  6. Write a sales statement(the process of visiting,regional model,project model,house model,sample room,Incoming calls,caller and so on)
  7. Sales (Skills and etiquette)

B: Real estate marketing advanced classes

  1. Real estate Integration marketing and brand building
  2. Basic process
  3. Mistakes prevention
  4. Project preparation before launching
  • Staff preparation
  • Hardware preparation
  • Basic Information Preparation
  • Follow – up to promote the preparation

5.Organizational structure of the Marketing Department

  • The basic component of the Marketing Department
  • Responsibility of Departments
  • Linkages between departments

6.The main responsibilities of the cooperating units

  • What is the real estate project cooperation unit?
  • The functions & responsibilities of the cooperating units.
  • How to co-ordinate the work of various cooperation units


  • Quota

Junior class enrolls only 20 people, senior class only enrolls 10 people. Such a chance must not be missed out.

  • Class time

Date:Every Sunday from FEB 2017.


Class Date Time
Junior FEB5,12,19,26 09:30-10:15,


Senior FEB5,12,19,26;





  • Tuition standard

Course  Charging
Junior  300000kyats
Senior  800000kyats


  • Contact

Phone: 09252666608/09961222578

Facebook: YGSEEK

WeChat: ygseek_myanmar

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